The whole fleet just disappeared. What is going on?

The whole fleet just disappeared. What is going on?

BCS is too far from to be a perfect simulator. There are a lot of incredible resources, and it gave vital breathing to the old but gold OMSI. In another hand, the simulator has a lot of bugs that you need to get used to it.

We already talked about how to get out from the chairs, now we will explain you about another bug: the empty depots.

When you enter the company’s premise, the buses are the last thing the software loads. Sometimes, it doesn’t work correctly, so you go to the shift board, get your shift and run to the depot to choose your wheels. But, when you arrive there, there are no buses.

Yeah, the software couldn’t load the buses. In rare cases, only a few buses are loaded.

It usually happens when the game can’t load the buses and/or when you use the “quit button” (the red one) to leave the company and return to it.

What do you have to do?

This question is straightforward: open the main menu (pressing the ESC key) and then select the “Back to the main menu” option.
After that, you return to the main screen of the game and need to re-enter the company’s premise.
If it doesn’t work, try it again. If the problems persist, close the game and re-open it.

How to know if the buses were loaded or not?

Before you go to the shift board and get a tour to drive, just run to the window and look to the depot 2 in front of the office’s building. If the buses are there, so everything is okay. But if the depot 2 is empty, you will have to follow the steps above.

Why do we have to explain this kind of situation?

Because many bus drivers have faced this error at least once and they thought the problem was Alegra had no buses. But this is not the truth, of course. Now you know what happens and may be able to help the others. Share this post with who need this 🙂

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