How to install and use the VDL Citea LLE Voith (A-B 3015)

How to install and use the VDL Citea LLE Voith (A-B 3015)

Hello all,

Recently, we added a new Intercity (Regio) bus into the fleet. Under the number A-B 3015, the bus is a VDL Ambassador 200.

In the past, the same bus was introduced to the company, under number A-B 3012, but it had an inconvenient issue that couldn’t load the bus after starting the OMSI using, of course, the Bus Company Simulator. I think the drivers would like to have a boring work to add the bus manually. So I decided to sell it.

These days, we are running some tests on the new version of the current map Linea 13 – La Habana called now as Habana Oeste. Our bus driver, the txdriver1975, is the developer of the map.

I decided to use some different buses in the beta test. I tried the Ambassador again and got the same issue. Trying to figure out what’s going on, I started an investigation to fix the problem.

And guess what? Yeah! I find out a solution to the problem.


The designed VDL Ambassador for OMSI 2 is not that best bus for those, like me, that really enjoy the engine sound.

A great guy called RATTI, has a YouTube channel where he shares videos about buses but focused on the engine sounds. RATTI is also responsible for the creation of amazing modpacks for buses from OMSI, some of them we currently use at Alegra Bus, like the Urbinos 12 and 18 (1013 and 6011), Ikarus 395 (A-B 3013), Scania Citywide (A-B 6020 and 6021) and more.

For the VDL, RATTI created a Modpack too. The sounds produced by RATTI for this bus are original, so both buses (the old A-B 3012 and the current A-B 3015) have this Modpack.

The issue and how to solve it

The issue doesn’t allow the bus to be loaded after starting the OMSI using the BCS. The map loads, but there’s no bus on the spawn place.

Yes, this is the problem here. But what is causing it?

Well, I realized that the bus from the Modpack was the only one causing the issue. I opened the bus’ folder into the “Vehicles" folder and found out what’s cracking.

How to solve it?

If you want to drive this bus around from Alegra Bus, we need to solve the problem with it. 

The solution is quite simple: open the bus’ folder at (C):\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2\Vehicles\Berkhof_Ambassador_200 and look for a file named Citea_LLE_120_Voith_€6.bus.

Simply remove the “€" character and then replace it by the letter “E". Just it! The bus will load fine using the BCS 👏🎉

Now you can enjoy this pretty cool bus from Alegra 😀


Use the buttons below to download the bus, the Modpack, and the Alegra Bus’ Repainting for this bus.

Note: I couldn’t find the download source from the bus. But, according to the MVAG, the developer of the bus, we can make it available from another source. Therefore, the file is uploaded on our Google Drive account, that’s safe and without any modifications.

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