A new Intercity bus has arrived: A-B 3010

A new Intercity bus has arrived: A-B 3010

Hey Alegra Bus Drivers.

Just to let you know about, the company acquired a brand new Intercity bus: The Setra S 415.

The bus is like a “Citaro from Setra” because the mechanical assembly is all from the Mercedes-Benz Citaro.

For OMSI 2, there are two options of Setra S 415. The intercity and the standard. We chose the intercity to enlarge the number of intercity buses from Alegra Bus fleet.

If you already have the model installed in your computer, you only have to get the repainting for it.

But if you do not have the model yet, so visit the bus page to start the installing. Note: the installation is a little bit hard because you need to get the Citaro FL modded version before. For more instructions, see the A-B 3010 page.

Enjoy it 🙂

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