The second event is coming ahead

The second event is coming ahead

Hi all,

As you may know, we had the Alegra’s first event two weeks ago, which was a success. Everyone who has joined the event looked forward to the upcoming event. So here it is 😀

May 30th
Between 10:00 to 15:00 - Company's timezone

We chose route 130E for this upcoming event because it is a mid-long route with a reasonable number of circulations. This route finishes all timetables during the afternoon, which allow us to close the game at the BVG’s depot.
Also, the circulations have a reasonable pause time, as explained below:

Bahnhof Spandau: 15 minutes

Waldkrankenhaus: 8 minutes

Duration of the event

It is not an obligation to drive during all the defined time. Said it, you can choose how many tours you would like to drive. Our suggestion is to do at least 7 tours until the finishing of the route and then go straight to the depot to closing the event.

But if you don’t want to drive 7 tours in a row, you could try to determine how many you can do. There’s a spreadsheet below where you can see all timetables available, and more. If you are interested in a part of some circulation, you just need to describe it when requesting your assignment.

We will reserve the period you requested, and if it does not cover the whole timetable, the remaining tours will be available for other bus drivers.

It’s just a fun moment, to reunite all bus drivers from Alegra in the same map, hanging out and *beeping* *beeping* around o/

Important things you should know

There are some pieces of information/instructions you should know to maximize the experience:

– Request an assignment: you guarantee that your place will be reserved for you and no one can take it from you;

– Request a job until: we will receive requests until Friday, May 29th – 16:00 (company’s timezone);

– Buses: a few hours before the event starts, we will assign a bus to us according to the route/map. If you have problems or difficulties with some buses, please let us know when requesting your assignment;

– How to get your next shift when finishing the first tour: When you have assigned shifts, they will be shown to you in a different place than that we usually get spontaneous ones. After finishing the first tour, if you select to driver another tour, you see two boards. The most used is the second one, which shows the available tours. The first one above is where you find your scheduled tours. Just scroll to the top to ensure you will select the very next one tour. See the example below:

Helpful links

If you have some difficulties or questions, you can learn more using the links below. If you still having problems, let’s discuss it on our Discord server 😉

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