Several depots changes

Several depots changes

Our company and our fleet are growing fast. To keep everything organized, we had to buy a new depot to storage our buses.

To give variety of bus options to choose when you need to go to your journey, we changed the position of many buses, to group them sorted by category, e.g., standard buses have still into Depot 1.

Check the changes out below and do not get lost 😉

Depot 1 (STANDARD BUSES): The A-B 1999 has migrated to Depot 3, and the A-B 1022 has moved from Depot 8 to Depot 1.

Depot 2 (DOUBLE DECKER & ARTICULATED BUSES): The bus A-B 6007 has been sold. The bus A-B 6006 has been reacquired. A-B 6005 and 6010 were inserted into this depot. The A-B 6011 and 6012 were migrated to Depot 8.

Depot 3: At this depot, standard, midi, and 15 meters buses from Depot 8 were settle up into this one.

Depot 4 (INTERCITY & COACH): Articulated buses from this depot were moved to the depots 2 and 8 (depending on their numbers).

Depot 8 (ARTICULATED BUSES & CHICAGO SOLO): This depot is only for articulated buses. The worst part is that the depots have no space enough to park just articulated buses. The result of it is a depot with a tight corridor. In case not to block the main door, the A-B 9000 (Chicago 40ft) has been parked at the bay 1.

To see the correct position of every bus, please check the depot map 🙂

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