How to request an assignment

It's pretty simple as that:

  1. Open the Bus Company Simulator and enter in the Alegra Bus Company premise.
  2. Go to the computer, then go to the “Time Management – Manage your availability for driving shifts" option (this option is next to the “private mailbox" option).
  3. Next, you will find a calendar. Search for the event's day. Then, choose a period of time (you can leave it as it is in the interface: 00:00 to 23:59. We will know what period of time you will drive 😉 ).
  4. After adding the period of time, you should set how long you would like to drive. If you want to drive 2 hours, so set 120 minutes. If you're going to drive more than 2 hours, just let us know using this option or texting in the “note for the scheduler" field.
  5. If you want to indicate which circulation you would like to be assigned to it, you simply write the circulation number into the “note for the scheduler" field.

  6. If you want to request a specific bus to drive, write it in the same text field.

Check the pictures below to guide you through the steps 🙂

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