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How to request an assignment


It's pretty simple as that:

  1. Open the Bus Company Simulator and enter in the Alegra Bus Company premise.
  2. Go to the computer, then go to the “Time Management – Manage your availability for driving shifts” option (this option is next to the “private mailbox” option).
  3. Next, you will find a calendar. Search for the event's day. Then, choose a period of time (you can leave it as it is in the interface: 00:00 to 23:59. We will know what period of time you will drive 😉 ).
  4. After adding the period of time, you should set how

The whole fleet just disappeared. What is going on?


BCS is too far from to be a perfect simulator. There are a lot of incredible resources, and it gave vital breathing to the old but gold OMSI. In another hand, the simulator has a lot of bugs that you need to get used to it.

We already talked about how to get out from the chairs, now we will explain you about another bug: the empty depots.

When you enter the company’s premise, the buses are the last thing

I am stuck in the chair. What should I do?


You do not know if you will be a successful bus driver on Bus Company Simulator, but there is something that you (and all of us) know that is going to happen with you in the BCS: You will be stuck in the chair.

Yes, that’s right! When selecting a computer for you and sit down in front of it, you have to expect that you may be stuck in the chair when you stand up.

After almost a year of the release