How to get a tour and go to the road

How to get a tour and go to the road

Now that you’ve learned what’s around you in BCS, it is time to go to the road.

A driver at the Shift Board

When you enter in into the company’s premisse, you have to go to the Shift Board to get a shift for you. Just come close to the board and press the ‘E’ key to open the table.
On the Shift Board you have access to the spontaneous, bonus and substitute tours.

At the first time you open the shift board, you see your assigned shifts. If you do not have chose a tour before, so you will see nothing. But if you have some assigned shifts previously, so you will be able to see them and select one to drive, if it is the time to go.

Spontaneous tour

To drive a shift in some map you want to, just click on the “Spontaneous Tour” button and then choose a map.
After choosing the desired map, you will see a lot of tours to get. Choose one you may like, click on it and then click on the yellow button at the bottom “Commit to the shift and go to the bus depot”.

Bonus Tour

The Bonus Tour is a great option to get random shifts. Let’s suppose that you don’t have any map in mind, you may would like to drive at any map available right now, so the bonus tour might have a good one for you.
Also, bonus tour, as the name speaks by itself, gives you a chance to gain some Experience Points (EP). If you are looking for to grow fast on the EP leaderboard, the Bonus Tours are the best option.

Substitute Tours

What happen when you do not drive a shift? For sure you will pay a fine. But what happen with the tour?
That tour you did not drive will be available to another bus driver get it into the “Substitute Tours”. Every tour that have been not driven will be available there.

Drivers who drive Substitute Tours earn VP and they can climb the specific ranking.

Understanding the information in the shift table

There are some information you need to know to maximize your abilities.

At the choosing tours screen, the table contains some details that you have to know.

From: In this column you find the departing time of the tour. Note: Be aware about the colours and what they mean. Please read more below.

To: In the “To” column you find the arrival time of the current tour.

Tour: This column shows you the departing and arrival places and the code and/or name of the line and its circulation number.

H: The “H” is the abbreviation “Haltestelle” in German and it means “Stop” in English. This field shows how many bus stops the tour have.

Km: The Km field shows the trip mileage.

Min: In this column you see the duration of the journey in minutes.

State: The State field shows you if the tour is Available or somebody else took it before you. If another drive got the tour, you will see their name in red. When you reserve a Bonus Tour, your name you be showed for everyone and you will see your name in blue.

‘From’ Color Signs

You have to pay an extra attention at the ‘From’ Color Signs. When you are choosing a shift to drive, the From field appears in three different colours: red, yellow and green.

Red: Red means if you take that tour, you will start the journey late and probably will run the entire trip late. (Tip: Do not take it)

Yellow: If you see the time is yellow, it means that you might start the journey late or close to it. (Tip: If you already know what bus you want to drive and it has a fast starting, go ahead and start work right now)

Green: When the departing time is green, it means that you have at least 10 minutes in advance  from the departure time and it is safe to get and run the tour on time. (Tip: Best choice ever. Drive safe and on time 🙂 )

Let’s get the wheels

Now you already have your shift, so it is time to take a bus to start the journey ahead.

Move up to the depot where you will find the bus you want to drive and take the ride!

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