First look at the company’s premisse

First look at the company’s premisse

When you enter in a bus company for the first time, you have some details and routines to know:

  • You will enter in by the front gate
  • You have to walk to the office and upstairs to access the main room
  • You will find a room with sofas, tables, computers and two boards.


All the furniture of the office is usable. When you are in your coffee break, waiting for the next tour or just chatting with colleagues, you can take a seat around the room.



It’s on the computers where you will access your stats, wallet balance, pay the fines, ascend levels and more. Also, you can request assignments, so the company’s manager could assign you in specific maps and routes on days by your own choice.


Shift board

If you just want to get a timetable and go on, go straight to the shift board, located at the end of the left side of the room. There are 3 tabs available for you. The first one shows you a list with all maps company have, the second shows all the bonus tours available for the current day and the last one shows all canceled tours that you could get and do them.


Notice board

On the left side of the shift board, you will find the notice board. There’s a place when company put some important informations about everything related to the operations and more. Keep an eye on it frequently.


Action Keys

There are many keys that help you to interact to the company elements and getting some information.

E This is the most used key in the game. Use the ‘E’ key to open and close doors, to sit down and stand up, to sit in front of the computer, to buy soda, to access the bus when you are close to it
F Press ‘F’ key to turn on or turn off the lights of the rooms, garage and depots
W Go forward
A Turn left
S Walk back
D Turn right
C Change the camera view
T Open the chat text field
Tab Open a popup to see who is online
Shift Run

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