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How to install and use the VDL Citea LLE Voith (A-B 3015)


Our first event was a success


Several depots changes


Our company and our fleet are growing fast. To keep everything organized, we had to buy a new depot to storage our buses.

To give variety of bus options to choose when you need to go to your journey, we changed the position of many buses, to group them sorted by category, e.g., standard buses have still into Depot 1.

Check the changes out below and do not get lost 😉

Depot 1 (STANDARD BUSES): The A-B 1999 has migrated to Depot 3, and the A-B 1022 has moved from Depot 8 to Depot 1.

Depot 2 (DOUBLE DECKER & ARTICULATED BUSES): The bus A-B 6007 has been sold. The bus

A new Intercity bus has arrived: A-B 3010


Hey Alegra Bus Drivers.

Just to let you know about, the company acquired a brand new Intercity bus: The Setra S 415.

The bus is like a “Citaro from Setra” because the mechanical assembly is all from the Mercedes-Benz Citaro.

For OMSI 2, there are two options of Setra S 415. The intercity and the standard. We chose the intercity to enlarge the number of intercity buses from Alegra Bus fleet.

The whole fleet just disappeared. What is going on?


BCS is too far from to be a perfect simulator. There are a lot of incredible resources, and it gave vital breathing to the old but gold OMSI. In another hand, the simulator has a lot of bugs that you need to get used to it.

We already talked about how to get out from the chairs, now we will explain you about another bug: the empty depots.

When you enter the company’s premise, the buses are the last thing

I am stuck in the chair. What should I do?


You do not know if you will be a successful bus driver on Bus Company Simulator, but there is something that you (and all of us) know that is going to happen with you in the BCS: You will be stuck in the chair.

Yes, that’s right! When selecting a computer for you and sit down in front of it, you have to expect that you may be stuck in the chair when you stand up.

After almost a year of the release

How to sell tickets


One of the most challenging things in OMSI is selling tickets (after avoiding the collision against AIs lol). To sell tickets, the bus drivers have to understand some points, like:

  • Calculations
  • Ticket Categories
  • Where the different type of tickets are on the ticket printer
  • How to give changes
  • Different currencies


First of all, it is very important that the bus driver must know the basics of mathematics to be able to give the change to the passenger. If you give less change than the expected, the passenger will complain about this and it will decrease your score at the end of the tour. Also, if you give more than the expected, the passengers will complain as well,